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IT systems and CNC machines


Emergency intervention on control units, systems and components

Our features

HP HydroPower presents itself today as a reliable “partner”, able to provide the customer with seriousness and flexibility for all hydraulic applications.

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Thanks to the experience gained in the hydraulic sector and the elasticity of the production cycle, we are able to supply components according to specific needs.

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Consult the section to find out more about the systems we have built. From hydraulic power units to plaster plate grinding plants.

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Radial Piston Pumps - Oleodynamics - Systems

Single and multiple pumps

Being ready for immersion or for outdoor installation and with different types of shafts, the PR pumps allow various installation possibilities, including the combination with pumps and gears.

Special couplings are made on request and according to customer specifications.

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Pressure and direction control valves

The line includes core pressure relief valves (VM series) and eclusion valves (high-low pressure VEM series) ideal to combine with multiple pumps.

In addition to the standard in-line check valves, piloted or not, HP HydroPower S.r.l. manufactures pilot operated check valves with pre-load for high flow rates up to 400 bar.

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Hydraulic cylinders, tanks, hydraulic blocks

The HP HydroPower has also specialized for many years in the production of standardized and special hydraulic pistons. The tanks are constructed in sturdy, protected and painted steel sheet and are normally supplied with: Gaskets Level of loading / unloading plug Level indicator.

HP HydroPower S.r.l. designs and manufactures complete multi-valve hydraulic blocks tailored to the customer.

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Electric panels, standard control units, hand pumps

Electric panels are used to control hydraulic power units equipped with Soft-Starter and much more. Hydraulic power units normally built with tanks with capacity up to 700 liters.

Hand pumps also available in one-piece tank and built-in four-way manual distributor.

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Lanterns and joints, solenoid valves, fittings and pipes

We have an assorted warehouse of lanterns for gear pumps, lanterns for piston pumps, flexible couplings for gear pumps and pistons. Direct or piloted solenoid valves, all four-way constructions with CETOP unified base and connections, are normally available with a real range of four-range sliders.

A complete range of pipes and ring fittings conforming to DIN 2353, light and heavy series, is normally ready in stock together with reduced nieces and drawn tubes, in order to allow safe and long-lasting assembly.

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Company History

On the market since 1952 as Idrovis brand and then as Stucchi Elettro Meccanica, HP HydroPower has developed over the years its size and range of products, becoming today a valid manufacturer of radial piston pumps, multiple pumps , multi-valve blocks and hydraulic systems.

HP HydroPower, thanks to the esteem and trust accumulated in recent years, today presents itself as a reliable “partner”, able to provide the customer with seriousness and flexibility for all hydraulic applications.

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